North County residents launch educational company for computer science, tech

Dandan Pan

Two former Qualcomm employees and a Canyon Crest Academy computer science teacher started an educational company for students to improve their proficiency in subjects including computer science, engineering, applied math and other technologies that are relevant in today’s job market.

The company, NexStream Technical Institute, offers “self-paced and project-based learning” for middle and high school students, who complete the lessons at their own pace and participate in weekly online meetings with instructors.

“We are mimicking a real learning environment, because we believe it’s true that every single student is different,” said NexStream cofounder Dandan Pan, a Torrey Hills resident whose resume includes 20 years at Qualcomm. “Some learn very fast, some learn slow.”

Tony Mauro

The skills that NexStream students learn, she added, are applicable to a wide array of fields. The company is aimed particularly at students who want to develop a vocational skill set or who want to bolster their college applications.

“They can work in any industry, because all industry is driven by data,” said Pan, who has a Master of Science in consumer economics from Cornell. “That’s why we chose machine learning as the first stream.”

Prospective students take initial assessments to find out where they should start within the “stream” of their choice, according to the company’s website.

“We believe we’re not only teaching the theoretic knowledge, but also practical skills,” Pan said.

Babak Aryan

Students who complete introductory level courses and take on more advanced subject matter also become eligible to serve as interns for NexStream.

“We have a good and diverse body of staff,” Pan said.

One of the other two co-founders, Canyon Crest Academy teacher Tony Mauro, works on developing the company’s curricula for machine learning, computer engineering, robotics, and cloud computing. The third co-founder, Babak Aryan, has worked as a consultant in electrical and computer engineering since retiring from Qualcomm.

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