New dashboard shows San Diego County schools’ reopening status

San Diego County Office of Education's school reopening dashboard.

The San Diego County Office of Education launched a new dashboard that charts the number of students participating in full-time in-person learning, hybrid learning, and distance learning across all county schools. Currently in the county there are 28,654 students learning full time on campus and 122,177 are in hybrid learning models while 350,255 students remain in distance learning only.

In the Cardiff School District, students attend school in a hybrid model on a.m./p.m. schedule, four days a week. According to the dashboard, 368 attend school in hybrid at Ada Harris School, while 22 students have opted for distance learning. At Cardiff School, 252 students are on-site and 17 are in distance learning.

Ada Harris re-opened for in-person instruction on Sept. 14 and Cardiff School on Oct. 5. They have not had any positive COVID-19 cases.

At the Nov. 10 board meeting, Cardiff School District Superintendent Jill Vinson said they continue working toward a goal of getting kids back to school full time. She said she does not know what the timeline will look like as it will involve a great deal of planning to ensure they are providing a safe environment, particularly as the county moved into the more restrictive purple tier.

“The hardest part about this is that there’s no one great answer that makes everybody feel comfortable. There are people on all sides about what they feel is the right thing,” Vinson said. “There are a great deal of people that feel proud of where we’re at and feel like what we’re doing is working.”

“We don’t want to do anything rash that isn’t in the best interest of kids. I don’t think there’s anybody here that doesn’t agree that kids need to be with their teacher. To have that happening since early September and October feels great and we do need to plan and be prepared to bring more kids back.”

In the San Dieguito Union High School District, students will not be returning to in-person school until January 2021. Teachers have returned to campus and the district plans to continue expanding campus access for groups for off-screen time with teachers and classmates. Since September, students with special needs, English language learners and high-risk students with inadequate learning environments have been attending school in small groups. Per the county’s dashboard there are 32 students in a hybrid model at Oak Crest Middle School and 24 attending in the hybrid model at Diegueno Middle School.

Fifty students are receiving in-person instruction at San Dieguito High School Academy with 2,059 students in distance learning.

The Encinitas Union School District plans to remain in a hybrid model through the end of the year, with students attending two days a week and about 10% of the district in distance learning across their nine schools. Per the county’s dashboard, at the district’s two largest schools 619 students are in-person at Capri Elementary in the hybrid model with 45 students in distance learning; at La Costa Heights 599 students are attending in-person in the hybrid with 46 students in distance learning.

By contrast, in the Del Mar Union School District, one of the few elementary schools that is open five days a week, Ocean Air Elementary has 324 students in-person and 242 students have opted to remain in distance learning; Carmel Del Mar has 420 students on-site and 202 students in distance learning.

As of press time, EUSD had two active COVID-19 cases at El Camino Creek Elementary but there have been no known school transmissions.

The district’s reopening committees continue to meet to plan options for next steps for gradually increasing in-person learning. At her last board meeting on Nov. 10 EUSD board member Leslie Schneider expressed frustration that the district was not moving faster and finding creative solutions to bring students back full time.

“I know if there’s a will there’s a way, I’m concerned that the will is not there,” Schneider said. “We have plenty of protocols in place to help (teachers) feel safe. Our job as a school district is to educate kids and we are not doing that. And I can’t understand how people are ok with that.”

EUSD Superintendent Andrée Grey said their schools have been open in some capacity since Sept. 8 and they were one of the first districts in the county to open on Sept. 21. The will is there as all board members have said they want kids back in school full time but the district does face challenges in adhering to the public health orders. Rather than rush, Grey said the district needs to be thoughtful in its planning to ensure that as they open more fully, students and staff remain safe and that their schools can stay open.

“To say that our students aren’t being educated right now because they’re in hybrid, I strongly, vehemently disagree with that,” Grey said. “I’m in our schools every single week and I see our teachers teaching their hearts out, with masks on and doing their very best.”

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