Veterinary Emergency Group opens new hospital in Encinitas

VEG Encinitas hospital manager Becky Kobari and Dr. Samantha Kent, medical director at VEG Encinitas with Erasmus.
VEG Encinitas hospital manager Becky Kobari and Dr. Samantha Kent, medical director at VEG Encinitas with Erasmus.
(Courtesy Encinitas Chamber of Commerce)

Veterinary Emergency Group (VEG) opened its newest hospital in Encinitas on April 14, celebrating a ribbon cutting with the Encinitas Chamber of Commerce. VEG’s 21st location nationwide and first in California is located in Camino Village Plaza at 260 N. El Camino Real.

Dr. David Bessler, a long-time veterinarian with experience in many specialty animal hospitals, founded VEG in 2014 with a vision to revolutionize emergency veterinary medicine, where it focused on client and patient experience. VEG is open 24/7 to help pet parents with emergencies when their family veterinarian is closed.

“Emergency is our middle name – it’s all we do, so we do it best. VEG is the only veterinary brand that focuses solely on pet emergencies,” said Bessler in a news release. “When an emergency happens, VEG puts the pet first and allows the pet parents to be an integral part of their beloved pet’s care and recovery.”

VEG specializes in taking customer service for the pet and pet parent to the next level and having a laser sharp focus on emergency care. At VEG, when a pet parent calls, they will speak directly with a licensed veterinarian. Unlike other hospitals during an emergency, pet parents won’t wait in the lobby or fill out paperwork first – instead they will see a doctor right away.

Each hospital has an open floor plan that allows pet parents to have freedom of movement from the exam room to treatment floor, and they can stay with their pet during all phases of treatment, including surgery and overnight hospitalization.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, VEG has been taking extra precautions to keep everyone safe and healthy. At this time, VEG hospitals have been taking in a limited amount of pet parents and pets at a time, to ensure maximum safety.

VEG also gives back to the pet-loving community through VEG Cares, an initiative benefiting underserved pets that need it most, and by supporting future emergency veterinarians by granting scholarships to D.V.M. students.

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