Arcimoto and City of Encinitas launch joint municipal pilot program to test ultra-efficient electric vehicles

City of Encinitas
(Karen Billing)

Arcimoto, Inc., makers of fun, affordable, and ultra-efficient electric vehicles for everyday drivers and fleets, and the City of Encinitas recently announced a joint municipal pilot program to test the Fun Utility Vehicle, Deliverator, and Rapid Responder for use by Encinitas lifeguards and infrastructure and sustainability departments, continuing Mayor Catherine Blakespear’s efforts to reduce carbon pollution and advance sustainable transportation in the City of Encinitas, according to a news release.

“We are thrilled to work with Mayor Blakespear, Captain Larry Giles, and the City of Encinitas, one of the leading cities in not only California but also the country when it comes to taking climate action, increasing sustainability, and advancing clean, alternative forms of transportation,” Arcimoto Founder and CEO Mark Frohnmayer stated in the news release. “We hope to demonstrate the practical benefits of affordable, small-footprint electric vehicles for a variety of everyday uses that will save the City time and money while furthering their sustainability goals, which are substantial.”

Over the course of the 60-day pilot program, Arcimoto vehicles will be tested by staff located at City Hall as well as by the Marine Safety Division, which provides lifeguard services for the 3.5 miles of state beaches managed by the City. Tourists and residents alike can look forward to seeing these forward-thinking EVs wrapped in iconic Encinitas and Encinitas Marine Safety images as they transport city staff along the historic 101 corridor throughout the summer months, the news release stated.

“Our goal in Encinitas is to create a transportation system that is cleaner, greener and faster,” said Blakespear in the news release. “I’m excited to begin this pilot program with Arcimoto because it moves Encinitas closer to a modern transportation system that will work better, cost less, and help save the planet. About half of our toxic emissions come from transportation, so getting serious about climate change means tackling our dependence on gas-burning cars and seeking out alternative electric vehicles.”

“I started out as a tower lifeguard in 1988, and since that time, we have always relied upon gas-powered vehicles to serve the thousands of daily visitors to our beaches,” said Encinitas Lifeguard Captain Larry Giles in the news release. “I’m excited to put Arcimoto vehicles to the test and take a meaningful first step toward creating a fully-electric fleet for the future.”

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