San Dieguito board to consider ban on Critical Race Theory

SDUHSD board members Mo Muir, Melisse Mossy and Katrina Young at a previous meeting.
(Karen Billing)

The San Dieguito Union High School District board will consider a new board policy banning Critical Race Theory from being taught in district schools at its Oct. 14 meeting.

The board meeting will be held virtually with a link posted on the district’s website shortly before the meeting begins at 5 p.m.

This issue came out of a presentation on the district’s efforts on equity at the board’s Sept. 30 meeting. Interim Superintendent Lucile Lynch said Critical Race Theory had “hijacked” the district’s discussions and efforts on equity, which include the goals of continuously improving disparities in student outcomes, finding ways to celebrate student differences, equity training with the San Diego County Office of Education and recruiting and retaining a diverse staff.

As the mother of a student with a disability, Lynch said the issue of equity is extremely personal to her: “Not all student experiences are the same.”

“This is to make sure that we honor that there are problems in our district,” said Lynch of the district’s goals on equity and access. “We are not taking anything away from the students who are excelling. What we are trying to do is to provide additional support so that all students have an opportunity to excel.”

Trustee Katrina Young said she would hope to keep Critical Race Theory (CRT) out of the equity discussion and focus instead on what is important, which is making sure the district is supporting every student and making sure “every child in the classroom feels that they belong.”

Trustee Michael Allman said a main point of concern in the community is not knowing what kind of materials are being presented to teachers as they undergo equity training with the San Diego County Office of Education. He said there is a perceived threat of “CRT sneaking in through the back door.”

President Mo Muir then asked that it be brought back as an action item at a future board meeting that CRT would not be a part of San Dieguito’s curriculum.

It was scheduled for the Oct. 14 board meeting under the heading “Board Policy 6144: Controversial Issues”. The proposed amendment policy reads: “Instruction shall not teach or include Critical Race Theory as part of the curriculum, instruction or educational materials. Critical Race Theory is not required by the State Board of Education as part of any of its content standards or framework.”