New mixed-use development approved in Encinitas

A rendering of the new mixed-use development in Encinitas.
(Karen Billing)

On Nov. 18, the Encinitas Planning Commission approved a new mixed-use project on Second Street in Old Encinitas.

Located on the corner of Second and West G Street, an existing duplex and commercial office building will be demolished to make room for a uniquely modern development that blends nine residential units with 2,400 square feet of commercial space.

In the design, the building is given character with height variations and materials like white board and batten siding, metal and natural stain wood finish elements—on the interior there are crisscrossing lime green tubular steel beams.

“The intent of the project is to be kind of fun and more on the contemporary side,” said architect Warren Scott.

The commercial uses will have frontages on Second Street and the residential units will be one to two bedrooms with lofts, one unit reserved for very low-income housing. The project, kept under the 30-foot height limit, will include improvements to the alley with 15 parking spaces, EV parking upgrades and bicycle spaces. The existing tree canopy will be maintained with the exception of two trees which will be replaced.

Citizen participation plan meetings were held in March 2020 and July 2021 with low attendance and no comments and concerns, according to the staff report.

A rendering of the mixed-use development on Second and G Streets.
(Karen Billing)

With its unanimous approval, the planning commission said this was an example of the right kind of project planned for the right place, although Chair Bruce Ehlers said it was denser than he would like.

“I think this is the perfect project that we need in that neighborhood. We need more mixed-use and density in the downtown areas and I think this is a good example of that,” said Commissioner Steve Dalton. “I have no real concerns about it, I’d like to see it built.”