San Dieguito Academy’s Kyra Chen earns Don Diego scholarship


The Don Diego Scholarship Foundation has awarded $55,000 in college scholarships to 18 high-achieving students this spring, including Kyra Chen from San Dieguito Academy High School.

Kyra Chen

Scholarships were offered to students who have participated in the San Diego County Fair and/or other activities associated with the Del Mar Fairgrounds.

“The rising cost of higher education, combined with economic uncertainties resulting from the pandemic, makes affording college a daunting challenge for many families,” said Don Diego Chair Juanita Hayes in a news release. “ Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we are able to ease the financial burden and assuage anxiety so our ambitious and accomplished scholarship recipients can soar into bright futures pursuing their goals.”

Kyra, who will graduate next month with a 4.39 GPA, will put her Don Diego $5,000 Ranglas Family Exhibitor/Participant Scholarship to great use at Duke University.

Her interest in science and empathy for living creatures started at a young age.

“I spent the better part of my infant years wandering around the apartment complex, picking snails off the sidewalk and setting them safely in bushes,” Kyra said in the news release. “I plan to pursue a biomedical career and conduct research contributing to the development of new medicines.”

Kyra interns at a local pharmaceutical company and is also an award-winning figure skater, a published artist, a fluent Mandarin speaker, musician and a member of her school’s California Native Plant Club. In addition to competing, Kyra coaches young ice skaters and has saved up her earnings to help pay for college. According to the news release, her skating instructor lauds Kyra as “someone who is making this world a better place.”

Kyra and the rest of the scholars will be celebrated at Don Diego’s June 24 Gala and Sam Hunt Concert at the San Diego County Fair. Tickets are available at