Flora Vista students raise funds for Ukrainian refugees

Students at Flora Vista wanted to find a way to help Ukrainian refugees.

Students at Flora Vista Elementary School raised about $1,000 from holding their own bake sales to help Ukrainian refugees.

“It’s amazing that they’re thinking about how others don’t have what they have and they’re not living in peace,” said Keri Hargrave, a teacher at Flora Vista.

Hargrave said the fundraiser started with a brainstorming session by the student council members, who wanted to come up with a way to help the world. They decided to find a way to support Ukraine, as the country continues to defend itself against a Russian invasion, and started researching organizations that they could contribute to. The students eventually agreed on, a nonprofit that addresses poverty and social justice issues around the world.

“They’re just trying to really promote the idea of altruism, which is one of our school world readiness traits, doing really good things for other people but not hoping to get anything back because that’s how we should be,” Hargrave said. “It’s really amazing, they’re spreading the love around and teaching all the kids, from kindergarten to their classmates in fifth and sixth grade, how important it is.”

In addition to the fundraising, every week the students have been putting together quotes about kindness.

“They really are driven to make a difference in the world,” Hargrave said. “They’re curious about what’s happening in the world and want to do what they can to help. It’s nice to know they’re not just thinking about their own bubble, they’re really wanting to know what they can do all around the world to help. They’re really thinking of themselves as global leaders, not just part of the Encinitas community.”