Beacon’s Beach access trail and parking lot scheduled to reopen this week

City of Encinitas banner
(Karen Billing)

The City of Encinitas announced earlier this week that the Beacon’s Beach access trail and parking lot would be scheduled to reopen for public use mid-day Thursday, June 30, according to a news release (for an update, see story on this website titled Encinitas reopens popular Beacon’s Beach access after trail repairs by Phil Diehl (news category).

On May 2, the northern portion of an existing historic landslide at Beacon’s Beach reactivated and moved downslope to the west. The movement created numerous visible cracks in the existing slope, as well as damage to the existing beach access trail from the Beacon’s parking lot down to the beach.

Since that time, the City of Encinitas and Scripps Institution of Oceanography have been monitoring and evaluating the Beacon’s Beach bluff and parking lot. Slope monitoring equipment was installed throughout the bluff area to record slope movement and provide data to Scripps and the city. Based on the data that was collected over the eight weeks following the landslide, the city’s geotechnical engineer determined that the bluff is stabilizing, the news release stated.

Preparations to repair the trail began last week and the repairs were scheduled to be completed on Wednesday, June 29. The city will continue working with Scripps, State Parks, and Coastal Commission to monitor the bluff and maintain beach access, the news release stated.