Spanish-immersion Montessori blooms in Encinitas

Ivonne Aguilar, left, and Ely Heredia of Blooming House Montessori Schools in Encinitas.
(Blooming House Montessori Schools)

Encinitas is now home to Blooming House Montessori Schools, a new Spanish-immersion school where children are encouraged to blossom into bilingual individuals.

“Our Montessori-style education ... is like an extension of the home,” said the school’s founder, Ivonne Aguilar. “The main principle is to follow the child, depending on their needs. Every child flourishes at their own time, just like flowers.”

Aguilar and Ely Heredia, who both studied early childhood education at Escuela Normal Particular Autorizada Colegio Ensenada, saw the demand for a Spanish-immersion Montessori program while working at the now-shuttered LePort Montessori in Encinitas. When that school closed, the two educators decided to open their own Montessori school.

Painted in colorful tones of turquoise, green and beige, the charming building at 267 North El Camino Real, Suite J, was transformed into a welcoming campus for children ages 2 ½ to 6 ½.

At the school, Spanish is spoken 90 percent of the time, so students can learn the language while also engaging in practical life skills, math, music and sensory and outdoor activities. The day is structured into three-hour time blocks of learning or playing, without interruptions. Children can select activities, work independently and socialize with others.

Aguilar encourages parents who feel like their children aren’t fluent in Spanish to join the school, reminding them that English is still spoken on site.

Her goal is to help families enable their children to grow into independent, confident, bilingual people.

The school offers year-round education as well as summer camps.

To learn more, call (760) 267-9106, visit or follow @bloominghousemontessori on Instagram.

Roxana Becerril is a freelance writer.