Battle of the Bands for Summer Fun on the 101
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Battle of the Bands for Summer Fun on the 101

Warner, Kate, Mason, Sonya, Liana (McKenzie Images)
Wack? band members Rowen Hinrichs, Alexander Belikian, Henry Goodson, Jannick Jain, Joonho Hong (McKenzie Images)
Lindy Dado, Rebecca Carp, Tina Newhouse, Sonya, and Kate (McKenzie Images)
Gio Meiche, Kazuki Girand, Eri Morita (McKenzie Images)
CDME performs (McKenzie Images)
Checking out the bands (McKenzie Images)
Sammie Gibson, Daniel Wheaton, Becca Runyon, Brian McFadden (McKenzie Images)
Kylie, Chandler, Nina, Lainee (McKenzie Images)
Teazed was one of five bands performing (McKenzie Images)

Leucadia 101 Main Street Executive Annika Walden partnered with San Dieguito Academy Mustangs Water Polo Club members Dylan Herrera, Eli Anderson, Eryn Broughton, to collect Mac ‘n Cheese meals

 (McKenzie Images)
Dylan, Nevin, Quinn, Steve McDearmon (McKenzie Images)
CDME performs (McKenzie Images)
Teazed is radical, epic and all under age fourteen (McKenzie Images)
Many music fans came out to cheer for their favorite band (McKenzie Images)