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‘Pairings with a Purpose’ benefit for Feeding San Diego

Chris Cote (even emcee), Vince Hall (FSD CEO) and Tracy Skaddan, Allison Glader (event host), Angelo Sosa (Death by Tequila chef), Diane End (event host) (No Source)
Tai Chiarelli, Ruth and Steve Netzley, Joanna Nilo, Richie Schultz, Lora Seelicke (No Source)
Monique Benjamin, Alex and Jola Sonkin, Priscilla Lapeyre, Amy Broesel, Christine Cole (Vincent Andrunas)
Aaron and Amber Boone, Craig and Nicole Uhlenkott, Christina and Roy Chiovari (Vincent Andrunas)
Briana Parra, Lauren Hoffmaster, Megan Dietz, Kara Eganhouse, Morgan Daniels, Kari LaCom (Vincent Andrunas)
Amanda Estrada, Kimberly Pence, Kimberly Keller (Vincent Andrunas)
Annie Finch, Sean Caddell, Linda Fisler, Vincy Dunmire (Vincent Andrunas)
Eva and Jon Buneta (he’s FSD board member), Gloria and Thomas Taylor (he’s FSD board member), Gwendolyn Sontheim (FSD board chair), Eugene and Katie Chen (he’s FSD board member) (Vincent Andrunas)
Jessa John, Anna Farrell, Jennifer Binn (Vincent Andrunas)
Mila Faust, Lisette Polny (Vincent Andrunas)
Arthur Canales, Laverne Davis, Catreese Scott, Sharona Canales, Camilla Bradford, Marcus Haynes (Vincent Andrunas)
Paul Niles (Jake’s Del Mar executive chef), Maggie McGovern (Vincent Andrunas)
Rachel Woods-Oshiro, Ciara Woods (Vincent Andrunas)