Taste of Cardiff
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Taste of Cardiff

Pat and Wayne Dunlap (McKenzie Images)
VG Donuts owners Joe Mettee and daughter Megan Ryan (McKenzie Images)
Joe Bottarini, Natasha Cortina, Laura Bottarini, Steve Davis (McKenzie Images)
Shawn Bengston, Seth Chalnick (McKenzie Images)
Alex Bieker, Francesca Lupo (McKenzie Images)
The Seaside Market served delicious tastes of Barramundi (McKenzie Images)
Cardiff streets full of tasters (McKenzie Images)
Kelly and Tommy Vincent (McKenzie Images)
Cheryl Pierro, Steve Wise, sip stop host Shoreline co-owner Shawn Bengston, Royce Leomo (McKenzie Images)
Brittinny and Chris Longo, with Stella and Henry (McKenzie Images)
One of the music stops featured Braedyn, Taylor, Rylie, and Talia (McKenzie Images)
Brent Evans and Connie McDonald (McKenzie Images)
Kori Rea, Tracy Anderson, Valerie Bejar, Jennifer Payne, Cindy Armstrong (McKenzie Images)
Frances and Charles Lee (McKenzie Images)
Duck Foot brewing Company owner Matt DelVecchio (McKenzie Images)
Cardiff 101 board members Jackie Karnavas, Lindsey Combs with Liam, Christy Mortlock, Encinitas Chamber of Commerce Administrator Mimi Gattinella, Cardiff 101 Treasurer Brenda Dizon, Betty Steele (McKenzie Images)
Coronado Brewing Co. sales Manager Jeff Fuchs with Cindy Datte of sip stop host Postal Annex (McKenzie Images)
Duck Foot brewing Company owner Matt DelVecchio, sip stop host Shoreline co-owner Seth Chalnick, Shoreline salesman Dan Gross (McKenzie Images)
Hailey LaFave and Richard Tisch with Lylah (McKenzie Images)