Agent Peter Bolane running for NSDCAR Director of the Central Coast District


Peter Bolane, with Juncal Real Estate, serves the North San Diego County community from the hills to the coast. Peter is currently running in the upcoming June 15 North San Diego County Association of Realtors (NSDCAR) 2016 election for Director of the Central Coast District.

Peter is a progressive real estate agent with an extensive background in the industry. Prior to becoming a dedicated real estate agent, Peter created websites for many real estate companies. He is a motivated individual who successfully started up and ran several businesses. Peter’s proactive nature drives him to be cautious and conscientious so as to deliver an excellent home-buying or selling experience for his clients.

Actively involved in the community, he has volunteered as the media coordinator at the local 701 caravan tour session and then went on to serve for the Carlsbad Marketing Committee with NSDCAR. Helping to create a new system to facilitate the promotion of North San Diego County real estate listings and, in November of last year, he was honored with the REALTOR of excellence award. With a strong background in business and internet technology and experience in starting and selling several companies he is ready to serve into the next realm.