Letter: Just love this small dirt trail in Cardiff


This letter is in to response to Mike Verdu’s letter to the editor on Feb 5, 2016 in support of the Rail Trail.

Mike stated that the current dirt rail trail from Cardiff to Encinitas was unsafe, unaccessible, unpleasant for walkers, runners and cyclists. I have been running this dirt trail from Chesterfield into Encinitas for 20 years in the morning and never felt it was once unsafe, unpleasant, or unaccessible. I am so happy that I have a small stretch of dirt out my door to run on when the tide is high at the beach.

My body dislikes running on pavement and I feel so lucky that we still have this small stretch of a natural dirt trail to run, walk dogs and converse with our neighbors.

Also, putting up a fence would not only be a major bummer for all of us who live in Cardiff and use this dirt trail daily but would be a major eyesore and limit parking.

If I decide to ride my road bike or beach cruiser or walk I go over to the bike or walking lane which parallels the PCH and enjoy the sights and sounds of the beautiful ocean. This little stretch of open space and trail is one of the last remaining close to the beach open spaces, why on earth would you want to screw up such a treasure in it’s natural state!

Trish Walsh Haskell, Cardiff