Letter to the editor: New city manager’s salary comes as a shock

To the Encinitas City Council: I was shocked to read about the council’s recent new hire. Not so much that you hired someone who jumps around city to city ... How long before she moves on to a larger city?

The shock factor is the amount of her salary. A person being paid almost a quarter million dollars a year sure as heck doesn’t need an additional $500 a month for car expenses and $100 a month to talk on the phone.

With the number of applicants for the city manager job, it would seem that the council could have considered the word “negotiation.” Lots of people wanted the job, and as is done in the private sector, the “best” is not always the highest paid.

We the people, your employees, want an additional sheriff’s deputy downtown at night, not the senior patrol or lifeguards as some of you suggested.

When the total expenses (not projected ones), for the Pacific View School fiasco are said and done, I’m sure the amounts will be enough for two or three deputies.

Norman T. Keith, Encinitas