Downtown Encinitas to be location of ‘Sea Walls’ mural


Encinitas 101 MainStreet Association (E101) recently announced that Downtown Encinitas will soon be the site of a new “Sea Walls” mural in partnership with Pangeaseed Foundation. This second mural of the E101 Alley Activation Program will be executed by Pangeaseed artists Aaron Glasson and Celeste Byers on the west wall of Detour Salon at 594 S. Coast Hwy 101.

“We are thrilled and honored to be involved with Pangeaseed,” said E101 Director Thora Guthrie, adding, “They have attracted global attention for bringing their marine conservation murals to communities from New Zealand to Mexico and San Diego. Their mission fits in with the Encinitas community beautifully.”

Pangeaseed is an international grassroots nonprofit organization made up of more than 30 artists that utilize art and activism to campaign for specific pressing ocean environmental issues. “Sea Walls” is the name of their public art program which is dedicated to inspiring the public to be better stewards of the world’s oceans, “giving the oceans a voice, one artwork at a time.”

Detour Salon owner Jarrod Harms said, “We are very proud that Detour Salon is able to host and help sponsor a mural with both creative beauty and a valuable, environmental message for the public.”

Artist Aaron Glasson said, “We’re excited to engage with the local Encinitas community through this mural, and to foster a sense of pride and ownership for both the artwork and for the local marine ecosystem.”

Glasson added, “We will depict the grey whales that pass along the shores of Encinitas annually during their migration. Our goal is for the mural to bring awareness of the fact that sonar, from large shipping vessels and the military, disrupts the underwater communication, so vital for the whales’ survival.”

Another mural is set to be painted concurrently, on the west wall of 7-Eleven at the far north end of the same alley by local artist CJ Troxell. The mural will be in homage to David Bowie, Prince and to honor 7-Eleven business owner Bobby Virk’s Vizsla. Virk said, “This town has deep roots in art and music and I am excited to see CJ put this mural together,” adding, “I couldn’t be more excited about a tribute piece in Encinitas for legends Bowie and Prince, and for my dog. Ollie is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I am excited to see his likeness in art every day when I go to work.”

Encinitas 101 MainStreet Association launched the Alley Activation Program last year to enhance Downtown alleys with art, lighting, and landscaping in order to draw more pedestrian traffic. The project has received grant support from the City of Encinitas Mizel Family Foundation and from San Diego County Supervisor Dave Roberts and the San Diego County Board of Supervisors. Other elements to be incorporated into the alley program include such enhancements as lighting, landscaping, furniture, and even music. — Submitted press release