Encinitas launches Work Program map on city website


The city of Encinitas has developed an interactive map of the city’s Work Program projects to simplify and expedite residents’ access to city project information online. This new application is called Story Map and can be found on the city’s website homepage “In the Spotlight” section or by going to

The story map serves as a portal for information on any project included within the city of Encinitas Work Program for fiscal years 2015-16 and 2016-17. Residents visiting the story map will be able to search and find any of the 34 current Work Program projects, corresponding visuals and a progress report.

Each project’s progress report will provide a description of the project, the project goal, what’s been completed for the project so far, key milestones, budget and work that’s planned to be completed in the near future. The progress reports will be updated quarterly.

“The story maps that staff have created for city projects will enable greater accessibility to information,” said Encinitas City Manager Karen Brust. “Our goal at the city is to make it easier for residents and business owners to know exactly what the status is for each and every city project, which supports our goal of increasing transparency.”

The application is accessible from any web browser and can also be used on smart phones and tablets.