Blakespear, Gaspar lead the pack in campaign fundraising


Mayoral candidate Kristin Gaspar and council candidate Catherine Blakespear are the top fundraisers so far for their respective races in the Encinitas election.

That’s according to recently released financial documents that show contributions and expenditures from July 1 to Sept. 30. There are five candidates in the mayoral race, with four competing for the one council seat.

Blakespear raised $6,971 during this period, bringing her total contributions to $31,679. Meanwhile, she reported $16,388 in expenditures.

She gave $5,253 to her own campaign in June, Blakespear’s largest contribution.

Of the 40 people who contributed to Blakespear during the most recent filing period, 28 of them have Encinitas addresses.

Gaspar, the city’s current mayor, reported $23,129 in contributions this year, a figure that includes a $5,000 loan to herself. Additionally, in 2013, Gaspar raised $8,528.

Gaspar’s expenditures clocked in at $23,940.

Her 75 contributions during this period came from a mixture of Encinitas residents and those living outside the city. Also, three restaurant/bars, Bier Garden, D Street Bar and Grill and Union Kitchen & Tap, each donated $250, the maximum amount allowed under city rules.

Last spring, the council considered stricter regulations for bars, which Gaspar opposed. Instead, she has stated that the city should enforce the rules on the books and work with the bars to improve late-night issues.

Also, two political groups, California Real Estate Political Action Committee and Friends of Mimi Walters for Senate 2012, each gave $250 to Gaspar.

Tony Kranz, the city’s deputy mayor and another mayoral candidate, reported $12,293 in contributions and $7,192 in expenditures. Kranz kicked off his campaign in early August.

Fifty-three of his 63 contributions were from Encinitas addresses.

Although local political figures have pledged financial support to four candidates, Kranz had the most backing from political representatives during this period. Current Encinitas councilmembers Teresa Barth and Lisa Shaffer, former councilmember Dennis Holz, Encinitas Union School District trustee Carol Skiljan and Dave Peiser, a candidate in the 49th District congressional race, each contributed $250.

Sheila Cameron, a mayoral candidate who announced in August, reported $7,386 in contributions. That total includes a $4,104 loan to herself. Cameron’s expenditures: $4,104.

All but three of her 16 contributions were from Encinitas.

Munawer “Mike” Bawany and Alex Fidel, both running for mayor, haven’t raised more than $1,000, so they weren’t required to record contributors.

Council candidate Alan Lerchbacker reported contributions of $22,450. However, a loan to himself made up $20,100 of that figure. He has spent $7,661.

Julie Graboi, also running for council, raised $10,218, with a $3,500 loan to herself. And her expenditures totaled $5,364. Most of her contributions were from Encinitas.

Also, some of her financial supporters also backed Cameron, including former county Supervisor Pam Slater-Price, who gave each of them $250.

Council candidate Bryan Ziegler received $2,990 in contributions and has spent $2,891. Most of his contributions listed people outside of Encinitas.

The next campaign disclosure deadline is Oct. 23, the last before the Nov. 4 election.