Council could sell old fire station property


The Encinitas City Council is eyeing selling a small property that was home to a Cardiff fire station.

Known as old Fire Station No. 2, it closed last year when the new Fire Station No. 2 opened. The new station, located on a nearby lot, is roughly four times the size and can house up to six firefighters and ambulance personnel.

Councilman Mark Muir said the council took stock of surplus property during budget discussions last spring and the old station site stood out.

“I’ve heard people say it’s an eyesore and something should be done there,” Muir said.

“We’ve made some big purchases like Pacific View and so it doesn’t hurt to look at options for surplus properties,” Muir added.

A council-ordered appraisal of the site from Vanguard Realty Advisors pegged the property’s worth at $410,000 under the current public/semi-public zoning.

This type of zoning allows for everything from museums to hospitals.

However, if rezoned for housing, the .17-acre site’s value would go up to $560,000, factoring in demolition and rezoning fees.

Due to Proposition A, a rezone request would have to go to a public vote.

The council will weigh in on the appraisal and what could happen with the property; the agenda item is tentatively scheduled for Aug. 27.

“We haven’t made any decisions — it’s still to be decided,” Muir said.

At the same meeting, the council will also mull over whether it would like an appraisal of a 9.5-acre site at 634 Quail Gardens Drive. The land was also brought up during budget discussions.

The city bought the site in 1999 for a possible park, but hasn’t approved any plans for it.

The old station’s address is 1867 MacKinnon Avenue. The price tag for the station appraisal came to $2,900.