The Grauer School celebrates Class of 2016


The Grauer School celebrated the graduates of the Class of 2016 at their annual graduation ceremony on June 10 in Encinitas. This year marked a major milestone for Grauer, as it was the 25th “Silver” Anniversary of the school’s founding in Encinitas. Dr. Stuart Grauer, founder and Head of School, described the evolution of Grauer’s graduation ceremonies through the years, saying, “The first Grauer School Graduation and Commencement was held in the spring of 1992 wherein a single student among the 14 in enrollment at the time, surrounded by her peers and their families, marked her readiness to begin university life. This year we graduated 30 seniors. Since the first graduation, The Grauer School graduation exercises have incorporated what our school leadership considers to be the most relevant and beautiful ceremonial practices from many great institutions worldwide, and these exercises continue to evolve.”

Dr. Grauer also noted that “The Grauer School uses the motto ‘vereor non imagination’ at each graduation to inspire its scholars to ‘fear not imagination’ throughout their lives, an essential founding value of our School.”

At Grauer’s graduation ceremony, faculty members gave tributes for each of the 30 graduates. The tributes demonstrated the close relationships that the graduates had formed with many of their teachers, and the depth of emotion felt by the graduates, faculty and family members in the audience was profound.

Dana Abplanalp-Diggs, Grauer’s principal, remarked to the graduates, “We will miss you for all that you have accomplished in your time here at The Grauer School, but more importantly, we will miss the genuinely good-hearted, kind, helpful and fun people that you are. You have succeeded in building a beautiful team from a group of strong-willed individuals — surfers, filmmakers, campers, humanitarians, actors, writers, musicians, athletes, photographers, chefs, social activists, outdoors people, engineers, scientists, meditators, performers, global citizens and leaders. At The Grauer School, our students mean the world to us. Please know that each and every one of you in the Class of 2016 mean the world to us — you will always have a home here with your Grauer family.”

The Grauer School would like to express gratitude to the city of Encinitas where it has been located for a quarter century, noting, “there is no place we’d rather be.” Congratulations to all of The Grauer School’s Class of 2016 graduates, as they prepare to enter colleges and universities across the United States and around the world in the fall.

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