Letter to the editor: Ordinance should take effect before summer


As was stated in prior messages to Code Enforcement, the Encinitas Citizens Committee chooses not to have monthly meetings with Mario Morales. In our previous meetings, he had nothing to report to us about inspecting the offending alcohol-serving establishments.

We also expressed frustration that the bars are only going to be inspected two days a month during warm weather. This is not appropriate, given that the summer nights, especially during the weekends, are the historical times for disruptive behavior by the bars and bar patrons. As to Mario’s question about whether he can use an email response as a meeting, we would not call an exchange of emails a meeting at this time.

We consider it good news that the City Council has recently approved an ordinance that will raise fines. With the new ordinance, the third citation will go from $500 to $1,000. The Shelter/Saloon and Union have two offenses each. So this means, no doubt, that if there is a third citation it will cost them $1,000. Or were the first two offenses let go without fines? Shameful if that was the case!

We think it is essential that this ordinance go into effect before the summer. This would put the city of Encinitas in a stronger position to curb disturbances, as establishments would be more diligent about obeying the law. Waiting until part or all of the summer has passed would be an extreme waste of a very necessary ordinance!

Finally and of utmost importance, is the need to increase Code Enforcement’s visits to problematic places that serve alcohol. The ECC still asserts that frequent and timely monitoring — as well as appropriate fines — are vital to a healthy downtown environment and to provide a safe and disturbance-free life for residents and local businesses.

Julie Briggs

Encinitas Citizens Committee