Lifeguards urge caution ahead of large swell


The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is predicting high surf, with heightened rip currents and strong longshore currents, for Encinitas. Starting Wednesday surf will pick up and continue through the holiday weekend. Surf height will possibly be in the 9’ range, with lingering swell in the 4’-5’ range.

Below are some of the local impacts that Encinitas Lifeguards are anticipating:

• High surf and strong rip currents will create dangerous swimming conditions, surf possibly reaching into the 8’-9’ range at the northern end of Encinitas beaches

• Waves will likely wash over the top of low-lying sea walls/rock areas protecting bluffs

• Significant to major beach erosion and erosion of beach cliffs is possible

• Unsuspecting swimmers and small kids may get knocked down by the large waves/surge and dragged out into surf line and rip currents

• Possible minor coastal flooding along low-lying beach locations, mainly in Cardiff during times of high tide (around 11 am and 11 pm each day)

For additional updated information please contact the Encinitas Lifeguard Headquarters at (760) 633-2750.