Cardiff fruit grove recognized in ‘Crown Communities’ list


A Cardiff fruit grove planted in honor of former Mayor Teresa Barth made a list of American City and County Magazine’s annual “Crown Communities.”

With Crown Communities, the magazine touted six projects that demonstrate creative problem solving and a commitment to serving the community. The fruit grove, located at the north end of Glen Park, was recognized for being water-wise and for teaching residents the importance of where their food comes from.

“This is especially meaningful to me as my grandfather, Loreta Arballo, was a farmer and had fruit trees in his garden,” Barth told the magazine.

Volunteers in October planted the grove, which will provide the community with free fruit down the line. Plus, the nonprofit Healthy Day Partners plans to teach on-site workshops on how to care for trees.

The grove replaced water-intensive ground covering, the reason it received an $8,500 turf removal grant from Metropolitan Water District.

Barth’s friends a year ago announced the project at her final council meeting, stating it’s fitting since she championed agricultural and environmental causes during her eight years on the Encinitas City Council.

The Encinitas council in September approved the project as well as naming it after Barth.

The city prepped the grove by installing mainline irrigation and spreading mulch. Cardiff 101 Mainstreet and Healthy Day Partners have teamed up on installing drip irrigation and grove maintenance.

American City and County Magazine, dedicated to spotlighting national government trends and policy solutions, included a write-up on Teresa Arballo Barth Fruit Grove in its December issue announcing Crown Communities.