Letter to the editor: A big thank you for new community park


The Encinitas Community Park is a jewel. A big thank you to all the City Council members of Encinitas, past and present, those with whom I see eye to eye and also to those with whom I have not always agreed.

Thank you to all the staff at the city, as well as to the residents who helped shape the design. Thank you all for persevering, disagreeing, compromising, and finally making it happen.

My husband and I can stroll from our home to the park in 10 minutes or cycle there in five. Our kids love the skate park, our dog loves the dog park, our maybe-one-day grandchildren will love the amenities for kids — playgrounds, baseball, and soccer fields, and we love watching everyone enjoy it together as we walk around the entire perimeter.

Messy democracy in action may require a multi-decade process to build a park, a library, an underpass— but I’ll take that any time over the alternative. Many, many thanks to all of you.

In our 27 years of residence in Encinitas, we have watched this small piece of county land mature into an amazing city with public resources never imaginable. Let’s keep making it better.

Judy Berlfein