Letter to the editor: What is Encinitas city staff really up to?


What is our City Staff really up to (morphing)? Accepting state funds that require by law implementation of an affordable housing element within our city. Which allows the City Staff to justify not following citywide residents’ demands and requests for keeping our community as was intended. What happens if we gave back the state funds or did not accept these funds and did not implement a state-mandated affordable housing program? Would the state arrest our city? Then Solana Beach and Old Del Mar would also be arrested and many other cities in this state!

By popular demand and support, Prop A was put on the books. To help keep our city as it was intended. Now City Staff has forced and justified Prop A morphing by going to vote for a Streetscape plan that circumvents Prop A that supports our residents’ wish to maintain a “small town atmosphere.” It is designed and prepared by City Staff, not the residents of this city. Their process is steering this vote to support City Staff in Prop A circumvention and redirect the blame of not adhering to Prop A to the voting public without any other choice. Below is a piece straight out of a city document.

“On June 18, 2013, Encinitas voters approved the ‘Right to Vote Amendment’ Initiative, which appeared on the ballot as ‘Proposition A.’ Among other changes, the ballot measure restricts the height of any structure to the lower of two stories or 30 feet.” In Housing Element Update, dated September 2013.

Under the concept of “home rule,” the state will usually favor a local government policy over the state policies. We have numerous recorded voted-on documents that support that our city wish is to maintain a “small-town feel.” We have voted overwhelmingly for Prop A, that was designed by and put on the books by its citizens. No three-story-high buildings along our 101 Highway. Why is city staff not preparing Streetscape and affordable house elements within these margins? What is the City Staff really up to? Put another way, who do they really represent?

Streetscape should be presented, reviewed and implemented by the California Coastal Commission and CEQA. As the city proposal greatly affects a community, neighborhood, residents and families. These commission or organizations will be objective and lawful in their consideration of a community, neighborhood and residents’ wishes.

Scott Carter, Leucadia