Letter: Beautiful pedestrian path ruined by smell of urine


As a longtime resident of Encinitas and active walker I forgot the reason that I hadn’t for some time walked the spectacular pedestrian path along the coast highway between south Encinitas and Cardiff.

Unfortunately, it didn’t take long for me to be reminded as I strolled south along the path. The overwhelming smell of urine was nearly overpowering and I nearly turned around. I noticed that the smell was especially offensive as I passed by the rows of large shrubs growing between the path and the slope to the ocean.

Would it be possible for the city to trim these shrubs down so as to not only discourage the offenders, but also allow the ocean breezes to not be blocked? After all we’re not a third world country; it brought back some of my less than desirable memories of my Vietnam tour in 1965.

Jack Heacock, Encinitas