Letter to the editor: Council decision on rail-trail path a good one


I am in favor of the recent City Council decision to put a rail-trail path east of the railroad tracks, on the side of the tracks where the residents live.

The existing bike route along Highway 101 will remain and will continue to be used by the committed road bikers. The rail-trail path will be for walkers and families and the more cautious types who still want to bike but don’t want to ride next to zooming cars. This is the best of both worlds.

Some are fearful that our beach access will be lost. The truth is that the railway or the police could close down the illegal access at any time by ticketing or fencing without our consent. The railroad has the clear legal right to do that.

I think the current City Council is committed to ensuring that we have permanent and rightful access to the coast, which will make it easy and safe for people to walk to the beach. There are many people who feel exposed and uncomfortable crossing the railroad tracks and the highway right now — for example, older people and those with strollers or young children.

Additionally, it looks like the city doesn’t have to pay for most of it, which means our city can continue to invest in other important things. I look at the fine job Solana Beach did with its beautiful rail trail, and the wonderful job our vity did with the pedestrian underpass at Santa Fe, and this gives me confidence that I will also like the new separated bike and walking trail on the east side of the railroad tracks.

Tricia A. Smith