Letter to the editor: Let’s work together to get more and safer rail crossings in area

Mr. (Ralph) Thielicke (Letters, July 24) is worried that he will no longer be able to cross the tracks in Cardiff once the rail trail is built. I hear Mr. Thielicke’s concerns. Until two years ago, like many Cardiff residents, I illegally crossed the railroad tracks on a regular basis to swim at Swami’s or just to walk downtown. Now that we have the Santa Fe underpass, I can safely cross under the tracks without risking my life or fearing a ticket.

I invite Mr. Thielicke and all the residents of Cardiff to work with us to make more rail crossings a reality. During the 28 years that I have lived in Encinitas, I’ve seen amazing improvements. When residents work with the city staff and the city council — great things can happen.

My family once felt stranded within the confines of Encinitas Highlands, because there was no safe way to walk outside our neighborhood. Today, we walk on city-built sidewalks along Santa Fe Drive under the tracks to the beach or up the hill to the Community Park and Vons. We can walk to Paul Ecke school along the asphalt path on Vulcan or to Staples and CVS along a pathway from Requeza to Encinitas Boulevard.

Why did these improvements happen? Because residents spoke up, created a vision for the future, and worked with the city to make them happen. Mr. Thielicke — you have the power to do more good than you realize. I challenge you: how can you help make the walk to Cardiff beaches safer? How can you work with city council to make sure the crossings get built?

Just yesterday, I saw two people crossing the track narrowly miss an encounter with a speeding train. I’m working for a safer option for Cardiff residents. I hope you will join me.

Judy Berlfein, Encinitas