Letter to the editor: Synchronize traffic lights


In the article “Leucadia a ‘problematic area’ for illegal railroad crossings” (Dec. 19), there was mention of illegal crossing of the tracks north of Leucadia Boulevard, NCTD’s identification of this as a “focus point,” a citing of “a heavy number of incidents there,” a noting of the number of fatalities there, a plan for a study for prevention of the problem, and a plan to “work with community partners to identify solutions.”

Well, here’s at least a partial solution: Synchronize the traffic lights at the intersection! You’d be tempted to cross the tracks, too, if you wanted to go the 150 feet or so from the west side of 101 to the 7-Eleven or your home on the east of Vulcan, and had to press the button by Leucadia Roadside Park, wait for the walk signal, walk the 100 feet or so to Vulcan, then repeat the push-the-button-and-wait process all over again.

Even more absurd is the scenario of trying to get from the corner by Kotija to the public walkway on the west side of Vulcan, an even shorter distance. This time you have to go through the push-the-button-and-wait process not twice, but five times.

We need a legal and safe pedestrian crossing on the south side of Leucadia Boulevard.

Gerry Rahill