Letter to the editor: Retreat only real option for rising sea levels


Regarding future sea level rise in Encinitas, one needs to look to our not-so-distant past. Encinitas used to have a 6th Street. So you’re talking about several hundred feet of erosion to our unstable sandstone bluffs.

And if you buy into the catastrophic 3-foot sea level rise then that calls into question the wisdom of the recent multi-million dollar construction of the new bathrooms and snack bar at Moonlight Beach and the upcoming $3 million lifeguard station and possibly the $10 million purchase of the Pacific View property, which is just a stone’s throw from the bluffs.

With 3 feet of sea level rise, Moonlight Beach will become Moonlight Bay and Cardiff’s restaurant row will be under water (you might want to consider building a bridge over San Elijo Lagoon). Retreat will be the only real option. You can’t hold back that much sea level rise.

Bart Denson