Letter to the editor: Several reasons to oppose plastic bag ban


My husband and I have lived in Cardiff, Olivenhain and Encinitas since 1971, and as a former business owner in Encinitas, we have always supported local businesses.

I resent the wrong-headed “bag ban” that the Encinitas City Council has put into effect in an effort to cram down their “do-gooder” ideas on the whole community. There is no science behind their decision, just their “feeling” that this is the right thing for them to impose on everyone else in the community.

The non-woven polypropylene bag (the kind you might buy in the Whole Foods checkout line) must be used 11 times before its supposed “global warming” impact is less than disposable bags. A standard cotton tote requires 131 uses. And this doesn’t take into account the amount of water it would require to wash the standard cotton tote bag. Did they take this into consideration, given our water shortage in California? I think not!

Our all-knowing Encinitas City Council members have chosen to impose their will on us. One more example of “Big Brother” in action.

We will be taking our business to other cities, such as Carlsbad, where we don’t have to put up with the council’s imposition of a community-wide nuisance that in the long run will make it more difficult for the poor businesses in Encinitas.

Nancy Elliott