Letter: Has Del Mar moved to Encinitas?


I just came across an article about a few individuals who live in Sandlewood who are suing the city of Encinitas. The reason for this is that a couple who live in Pacific Serena, on Rosebay, have gotten a building permit to put on a second story and will in some small way, block their vast view of the ocean. No one should think he or she is entitled to a view here in Encinitas. Encinitas is smart to insist on this. Del Mar has shown that neighbors will never get along with each other because their view ordinance attacks property rights. People in Del Mar no longer have the right to have a garden or build a two-story house if it might block someone’s view behind them. In Del Mar, it is not about getting along with your neighbor, it is about getting a better price for your home that has a view. That becomes the only thing people care about.

My husband and I have watched as trees that grow in Encinitas are topped or removed, solely because some individual wants to get a view premium added to the value of their home. It is sad to watch this happen. Trees provide so much in terms of beauty, privacy, character, and shade, not to mention homes for birds. Tree-lined trails and streets are enjoyed by everyone and add so much in terms of value to a city. We must stop Del Mar’s view ordinance from coming to Encinitas. If you want a view, move to the bluffs. We must protect our property rights as well as our trees here in Encinitas. People love living in Encinitas where neighbors almost all get along, and trees are missed when they are gone.

Cathy Staver