Letter to the editor: Kudos, Encinitas, for voting against Measure F


Congratulations, Encinitas, for voting down Measure F and not allowing marijuana storefronts in our city.

As a family medicine physician serving the Encinitas community, I recognize and understand the acute and long-term harm of marijuana use among young people. Through my practice, I see the physical and psychological effects that marijuana use brings to individuals and to families.

Research indicates that the adolescent brain is still under construction until 25 years of age. Early marijuana use in youth impairs their ability to experience normal emotional responses and is linked to depression and anxiety.

The psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, THC, has increased five-fold in average potency in the past 30 years. Marijuana users have a six-times-higher risk of schizophrenia and are likely to develop other psychotic illnesses.

Any movement to perpetuate a relaxed attitude regarding marijuana use can lead to increased accessibility and the erroneous perception that marijuana is not harmful. Marijuana use is a very big deal.

Dr. Nancy Fierro