Letter to the editor: We need the Encinitas City Council, now more than ever!


The process seems flawed, as decisions regarding new home development apparently continue to be made by the Encinitas City Council without any real concern for the current residents of Encinitas, whose lives are impacted by these proposed new developments. All in the name of increasing the tax base.

But what about our neighborhoods, and the people who have worked hard and paid their taxes to live in beautiful Encinitas? It seems to me that we need the Encinitas City Council, now more than ever, to truly represent us and come to our aid.

I have been a home owner in Encinitas for 25-plus years, and now, suddenly, we and our neighbors are in danger of losing our lovely ocean views, privacy, and property values due to a recently approved development by the Encinitas City Planning Committee (Project # 14-047, the proposed subdivision of the lot at 1401 Windsor Rd. and the development of one single-story and five two-story homes).

So unless the Encinitas City Council comes to our immediate defense and exerts some oversight on the development, those of us who live above the proposed development will have our ocean views obliterated by the second stories and rooftops of these new homes. And those who live adjacent to the development will be losing their privacy, while the current feel of the neighborhood will forever be destroyed.

There has been some discussion between the neighbors and the developer(s), who have agreed to lower the pads a foot, so the homes are not quite so obtrusive. Beyond that, our concerns seemingly have not been taken seriously by elected officials, and instead, the development proceeds, for all intents and purposes, unmodified. No real consideration has been given to potentially creative solutions to the issues raised, solutions that would allow all sides to profit, like requiring that the developer put in one-story homes, not the proposed two-story homes. There might not be quite so much profit for the developer, but plenty still, and current residents would still get to keep their views, property values and privacy.

And more important for the future of Encinitas, the Encinitas City Council would demonstrate their concern, and set precedence, for responsible growth. We’re not anti-development, just anti- bad development.

Please, Encinitas City Council, look out for the best interests of all, and not just the special interests of a few, and reconsider your approval of this subdivision as proposed.

Paul Shragg