Letter to the editor: Encinitas attempting an end run around Prop A


On Oct. 10, the Encinitas Advocate published an Op Ed by Teresa Barth and Lisa Schaffer about Prop A and the Housing Element.

Prop A requires that citizens vote on any proposed increase in density. The Housing Element proposes an increase in density on multiple properties within the city of Encinitas. The Housing Element also requires Encinitas citizens to vote on it.

Barth and Shaffer seem puzzled by the outcry by proponents of Prop A. Barth and Shaffer seem to think one vote should do to raise density on a multitude of properties. Rather than one parcel, one vote, Shaffer and Barth propose 95 parcels (give or take), one vote.

Is there a difference that matters? I say, “Yes.” The city is attempting an end run around Prop A. To fight back, citizens have to vote against the whole Housing Element.

Good grief. That is the truth. Those are the facts.

Dolores Welty