Letter: Schools should focus on education


Did anyone in Encinitas who voted for Proposition P back in 2010 imagine that the EUSD would borrow and spend millions to try to convert a vacant lot into a farm? Prop P was funding for much-needed infrastructure repair and capital improvement.

My student has been in the district for five years and has never been to Farm Lab which is still basically a vacant lot. They plant seedlings to grow for photo ops on less than an acre of the 10-acre lot.

We have no funded art program, music programs, or PE programs and science is supplemented by the parents. EUSD recently reduced Special Education teachers’ benefits but we can pay over $200k per year just in salaries and consult fees for this. By now they have sunk over $2M into this farce. Most of the produce they say they grow is from one of the elementary school gardens.

If you want your kids to understand farming then join the 4H Club or FFA, both very active and great youth programs. I prefer schools focus on education. Go by and see Farm Lab across from Quail Garden but don’t be fooled by the Community Garden. They are just a tenant that pays next to nothing.

Bruce Stirling,