Letter to the Editor: SDUHSD Board decisions

SDUHSD board decisions: Our children should always be the first priority

I read with interest the recent article regarding trustees John Salazar and Maureen “Mo” Muir. As we come upon the November election, the power of democracy will play a large role in shaping our board and the future direction of our district. And when the winning candidate receives around 15,000 votes, the importance of one vote is magnified in comparison to an election where the winners get votes in the millions. When it comes to the decisions made by our board, the first priority should be our children. And as someone who has attended multiple board meetings, I can say with conviction that I strongly support John Salazar and Mo Muir. In fact, the first, second, and third priority should always be the kids. After that? Then it should be the citizens of our community living within the SDUHSD boundaries. Remember, this school board is elected by us to represent us. Schools serve to not only educate our children but also to provide our region with a source of community pride. And, of course, this comes at a financial cost, and requires a delicate dance to provide for the present without sacrificing our future. Trustees Salazar and Muir have shown the ability to best balance doing what’s right for our children while keeping an eye on fiscal responsibility.

But don’t take my word for it. And don’t take the word of three or four people who happen to be holding signs outside a board meeting. Listen and see for yourselves. If you plan on voting, I encourage you to attend a board meeting so you can make a truly informed decision.


Rajy Abulhosn,

Carmel Valley