Letter to the editor: Reasons to vote ‘No’ on Measure F


As a longtime resident, parent, and youth advocate in Encinitas, I find it necessary to set the record straight on Measure F — the initiative on our Nov. 4 ballot deciding whether or not to allow marijuana storefronts in our beautiful city.

Here are some reasons why I’m voting against Measure F:

• Encinitas City Council unanimously opposes Measure F.

• All of our neighboring cities, including Del Mar and Solana Beach, have banned storefronts in their cities, making Encinitas, if F passes, the destination city to purchase marijuana.

• If passed, marijuana could be purchased 600 feet from a school or playground.

• If passed, Measure F would allow up to seven marijuana storefronts in Encinitas.

• Marijuana storefronts are a crime magnet, with cash and product readily available at all times.

• For ill and fragile patients, there are at least 10 marijuana couriers operating in Encinitas who, with just a click of the computer or a phone call, provide front-door delivery.

• Measure F will negatively affect the character of Encinitas.

• You will never see physicians who have prescribed a particular course of carefully chosen and monitored drugs for their cancer and HIV patients recommend marijuana use. To do so would compromise the appropriate pharmaceutical prescriptions and jeopardize a successful medical result.

• Make no mistake, marijuana storefronts will increase access for teens and normalize marijuana use.

Please vote “no” on Measure F.

-Nancy Logan