Nathan Hubbard to perform Oct. 4 at Encinitas library


Nathan Hubbard will be performing at 7 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 4, at the Encinitas Library, as part of the “After Hours Sessions” hosted by Ruthless Hippies and the Leucadia 101 Main Street Association.

Tickets are $10 advance, $11 student/seniors, $12 at the door. The library is at 540 Cornish Drive, Encinitas. Visit

Nathan Hubbard spent much of early 2014 releasing a five-volume, nearly five-hour large work called “Encinitas and Everything After.” In many ways, it’s his love song to Encinitas. Hubbard spent 15 years composing, performing, collecting and recording pieces inspired by the area and surrounding locations.

After spending January through May releasing a CD each month and putting on monthly concerts performing the music of each release, Hubbard’s concert will function as the after-party, a way to finalize the music on home turf and call an end to this cycle.

This performance will feature The New Encinitas Philharmonic, a 12-piece ensemble put together in 2014 to perform this music. Members are: Ellen Weller and David Borgo — woodwinds; Kris Apple — violin; Jon Garner and Dillon Casey — guitar; Nina Deering — piano, voice; Harley Magsino and Jerome Salazar — acoustic bass; Jeanette Kangas, Jesse Charnow, Laurel Grinnell, Michael Hams — percussion; Nathan Hubbard — conductor, vibraphone.

“Encinitas and Everything After” was nominated for “Best Jazz Album” by the San Diego Music Awards 2014. San Diego Citybeat wrote: “The lush arrangements, wandering melodic figures and deep, whooshing rhythms capture the reflective vibe of the area, and some songs refer to things only a true-blue Encinitas native would recognize.”