Letter to the editor: Nobody is taking our surfing mascot away

My 76-year-old mother told us with sadness today that she will miss the Cardiff Kook.

Confused, my wife and I looked at your OpEd this week (July 24) from Mr. Thielicke of Cardiff. Sure enough, we could see how his bit of scaremongering could confuse her to believe our City Council voted to uproot this venerable landmark.

Shame on the author for scaring my mom and, I would think, other citizens.

And a round rebuke on you, the editors, for publishing such a mean-spirited distortion.

If you want to talk about the rail trail, the need for legal railroad crossings, the difficulty for Cardiff residents to walk safely to the beach and the need for parking — then let’s have that discussion. But don’t worry, folks. Neither Ralph Thielicke nor anyone else is taking our surfing mascot away.

Dadla Ponizil, Encinitas