Reception held for artist Tom Leedy’s show ‘Moments’


A reception was held Feb. 6 for fine artist Tom Leedy’s one-man show, at the Civic Center Gallery at the Encinitas City Hall.

Titled “Moments,” the exhibition of acrylic paintings depicts “points in time, action and perception” and presents Leedy’s skill to interpret figures in motion, using a vibrant palette.

Leedy finds inspiration in photographs, life and imagination, he said, creating figurative paintings that are “muscular in line, vibrant in color and gestural in rendering.”

His subject matter includes human and animal forms. Leedy often captures athletes, dancers and horses, as each offers “their own perfection and unique set of contextual implications and opportunities.”

Encinitas City Hall is at 505 S. Vulcan Ave. The Civic Center Gallery is in the lobby. Visit