Artisan sausages, craft beers add to social spirit at Leucadia’s Regal Seagull


When Regal Seagull first opened in Leucadia in 2013, people were flocking to its doors.

Because many residents were familiar with sister location Regal Beagle in Mission Hills, “the neighbors were lined up (to come in),” co-owner Tim Girsch recalled.

Today, they continue to descend upon this neighborhood joint, which has become a prime socializing spot in the beachside community. Their experience is supplemented with craft beers, artisan sausages and other appetizers, and themed events such as Trivia Night Tuesdays.

“Tons of people who come in here become best friends,” said Girsch, who co-owns the “Regal” locations with Matt Guilbert. Some have met and gotten married; others are now roommates.

Patrons find a rotating selection of 24 brews, acquired from all over the country and even abroad. There’s something to satisfy nearly every palate, from pilsners, brown and amber ales and Belgians, to ciders, stouts and even tart, sour ales.

The most popular style at Regal Seagull is the IPA, and one recent option was Alpine Brewery’s Nelson, a golden-hued brew that’s spicy yet fruity.

Because of the ever-changing offerings, there’s a live feed of the menu board on the establishment’s website, so customers know what’s on tap before they come in. If there are any uncertainties, the staff can make recommendations and provide samples.

“We want this to be as good of a beer experience as possible,” Girsch emphasized.

Several canned beers and wines are also available.

Of course, there’s fare available to accompany the drinks, and part of the fun is ordering it. On each person’s ticket, there’s an “old-school” TV or movie character name that’s called out when the food is ready. Remember Balki from the ’80s show “Perfect Strangers”? Or how about Marty McFly (“Back to the Future”)?

The main menu items are the juicy, 1/3-pound sausages that are tucked into fresh Sadie Rose buttermilk rolls, complemented by house-made potato chips. The links — from T & H Prime Meats and Sausage in San Marcos — come with a choice of two toppings, and can be further decorated at the mustard bar. The crowd favorite is the Hungarian Kolbasz, which contains 20 percent bacon and spices such as paprika, and many people love to pile on the grilled peppers and onions. Another worthy option is the German Garlic, which bursts with flavor.

Additional entrees include the Quarter Pound Hot Dog, Mixed Greens Salad, and burgers — beef and veggie.

On the lighter side, choose from about a half-dozen appetizers, such as Mini Corn Dogs, Mac ‘n Cheese Bites and crispy, golden Tater Tots that Girsch describes as “straight out of Napoleon Dynamite’s pocket.”

The wings are in a league of their own, highlighted on a special menu. The sauces range in heat from Regular (spicy) to Triple X (which earns bragging rights), and there are also flavors such as Sweet Thai Chili and BBQ. Among the dry rubs are Salt and Pepper and Old Bay.

Regal Seagull, at 996 N. Coast Highway 101, is open from 3 p.m. to midnight Monday through Thursday and noon to midnight Friday through Sunday.

Happy hour is from 3 to 6 p.m. Monday through Thursday and noon to 6 p.m. Friday. Call 760-479-2337 or go to