‘Soul Shift’ may be road map to finding life’s answers, says author


World-famed spiritual teacher and New York Times best-selling author Dr. Barbara De Angelis will deliver a presentation based on her latest book, “Soul Shifts: Transformative Wisdom for Creating a Life of Authentic Awakening, Emotional Freedom and Practical Spirituality,” at 7 p.m. Oct. 9 at the Seaside Center for Spiritual Living in Encinitas.

A VIP reception will be held at 6 p.m. that includes reserved seating and parking, light food, wine, a copy of “Soul Shifts” and the opportunity to have it signed and talk with De Angelis.

Using guideposts from her book, which became an instant best-seller after its March release, De Angelis will share her wisdom and give people practical tips along with her trademark love and upliftment.

The book is a culmination of her life’s work, she said. She has been actively engaged in the field of personal and spiritual transformation for about 35 years. “Which is overwhelming, when I think about it,” she joked.

De Angelis has reached tens of millions of people through her television shows, radio, seminars and her books. And throughout the decades, she has seen the personal growth movement explode.

“One of the things I feel is that we are at a crucial time on our planet, where there has been an acceleration for a lot of people about deeply contemplating what life is all about,” she said.

Technology has made us overstimulated, which in turn is pushing us to search for life’s true meaning, according to De Angelis.

Not surprisingly, those searching for answers want to get them quicker — but unlike the trends of the ’80s and the ’90s, people are looking for them on the inside, said De Angelis.

In answer to this, she wrote her book, to help seekers navigate the inner processes that we all have.

“All of us have moments when we have soul shifts. It could be a tragedy that wakes us up, it could be someone in recovery, or someone standing on a mountaintop, when they suddenly feel at one with everything,” De Angelis explained.

However, these moments are fleeting and cannot be controlled and we might have to wait a long time for the next one to come along.

“What I have been teaching for a long time is that we don’t have to wait to be woken up to experience a much more accelerated process on the inside,” she said.

As a result, everything on the outside, like relationships, careers or wealth, will also shift.

De Angelis’ goal is to have people go from thinking or talking about transformation to actually experiencing the internal, radical transformation. “It really turns your life inside out; in 10 minutes you can have a soul shift if you have the right road map.”

A Santa Barbara resident, De Angelis conducts her personal growth seminars internationally, but has done many in Rancho Bernardo, she said. One of the most popular things she talks about is going from management of one’s life to mastery.

“Trying to constantly manage everything is what I call emotional whack-a-mole — that’s how a lot of us live, with this constant vigilance. It’s exhausting,” De Angelis said. Mastery means doing things so that we feel we do not have to live with that level of control all the time.

De Angelis said that she understands the journey that people are on and helps them recognize when their cosmic alarm clock has gone off.

When she asks her audiences whether they have felt it, thousands of people raise their hands. They tell her that they’ve felt it but didn’t know what it was.

De Angelis refers to this state as the Divine Discomfort, where people feel compelled toward something, but they can’t quite define it.

“To me this is called awakening, it’s emotional freedom with not so much measurements (of accomplishments) but of meaning. That’s why I think “Soul Shifts” has done so well, and that’s why I wrote it,” De Angelis explained.

At her presentation at the Seaside Center for Spiritual Living, De Angelis will discuss: The Ways You Might Be Sabotaging Your Success and Happiness Without Realizing It; Tools for Practical Spirituality; How to Recognize Your True Soul Accomplishments; Techniques for Creating Instant Soul Shifts from the Inside Out, and more.

Ticket pricing starts at $35 for general seating in advance; $40 general seating at the door; $100 VIP reception (6 p.m.) with reserved seating (limited availability).

For information or to buy tickets, visit The Seaside Center for Spiritual Living is at 1613 Lake Drive, Encinitas, CA 92024.

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