The Spice Way holds Tea Party event


The Spice Way in Encinitas held its first Tea Party event Feb. 21, which included over 60 types of tea and infusions to choose from. Patrons had the opportunity learn about a wide variety of teas, their health benefits and tips for brewing including: Black teas, Green teas, White teas, Rooibos, Herbal teas and Infusions. Tastings took place throughout the day with people being able to sample Turmeric Tea, Mint Flowering tea and Cherry Infusion.

“It was wonderful to see how many people enjoyed the Turmeric tea and were surprised learn how easy it is to make it,” said owner Debbie Kornberg. “There are so many amazing health benefits of Turmeric and it is an excellent anti-inflammatory and has also been known to help prevent cancer cell growth.”

A special highlight of the day was the Tea Ceremony that was held using Matcha, a powdered green tea. Kornberg explained how the traditional tea ceremony is grounded in Japanese culture and strongly connected to Zen Buddhist traditions. Matcha tea was enjoyed by all present. Light samples were served showcasing other Spice Way products, including Tzatziki Dip, Hummus with Seasoning Mix and Belgium spiced cookies dipped in chocolate. Outside, kids were greeted by Alice from Wonderland and were able to decorate teapot vanilla cookies and enjoyed eating their delicious creations.

For upcoming cooking classes and other events happenings at The Spice Way, visit . The Spice Way store is located at 260 N El Camino Real, Encinitas, CA 92024. (760) 634-9709.

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