Surfing Madonna donates to Starfish Light Project


On Feb. 22, Bob Nichols, chairman and founder of the Surfing Madonna Oceans Project, walked into the downtown office of Encinitas 101 MainStreet Association (E101). He was accompanied by board members Megan McCarthy and Dave Tanner.

After expressing appreciation for a donation of some computers made to their organization by E101 last year, the three presented E101 Director Thora Guthrie with a check for $2,000. The money will go to E101’s Starfish Lighting Project.

Nichols said, “The Surfing Madonna is so appreciative for what the E101 has done throughout the community over the years, that we just had to make a donation.”

Guthrie said, “We are so grateful for this contribution. Our goal is to install starfish lights on the poles all the way up to Swami’s.” She added, “This will definitely help make that happen.”

Last November, Encinitas 101 MainStreet had 30 starfish lights made and installed on light poles along several blocks of South Coast Highway. The lights have been so loved that residents have asked that they stay up year around.

Dedicated to bringing the community together to “Save the Ocean” and protect our coastline, the Surfing Madonna Oceans Project had donated well over $150,000 back to the community since December of 2013 from its programs. The organization operates a free surf camps for special needs children and adults, organizes beach cleanups, donates floating beach wheelchairs, mobility mats, marine mammal rescue equipment and gives scholarships to disadvantaged youth who have a passion for marine biology and oceanography. They raise this money through their annual Surfing Madonna Beach 5K/10K/15K Beach Run at Moonlight Beach.

Businesses and individuals can sponsor a starfish light by calling the Encinitas 101MainStreet Association office at 760-943-1950 or by emailing