Letter: Thanks to good Samaritans


This letter is to say thank you to all the unknown people who came to my aid on June 25, 2014. I am the 90-year-old lady who tripped and fell in the Sprouts parking lot, hitting my head against the concrete base of a lamppost.

Within minutes I was surrounded by at least six people who must have been angels in disguise.

One mopped the blood from my brow with a soft baby’s receiving blanket, another with a wet washcloth, and yet another asked for a family telephone number to call.

A young man asked permission to call 911, another young lady gathered up my purse, sun glasses and hearing aide, which had scattered with my shopping bag.

Then the paramedics arrived and the news that my daughter would meet me at Scripps Encinitas. While climbing on the gurney one precious young lady looked directly into my eyes and asked if I would like her to accompany me to the hospital. I was overwhelmed!

How fortunate I am to live in Encinitas surrounded by so many kind and compassionate people. I have no idea who any of these good Samaritans are but may God bless them every one of them. And a big thank you to Encinitas Advocate for allowing me the space to send heartfelt thanks.

-Joan Byer