Letter to the editor: Not right to ask community to take responsibility for choices made by others


Responsibility and logical consequences; the inoculation issue.

While I defend the individual’s right to choose, no matter what that choice might be, I cannot and will not accept being held responsible for choices made by others.

I learned in school a very long time ago that we have the right to make choices. I also learned that with those choices comes responsibility to use those choices wisely and to accept the consequence of those choices.

I respectfully submit that the majority of of arguments I have read in favor of not vaccinating a child about to enter school in California seem to be based on emotion, conjecture, conclusionary statements, and statements without fact. Some seem to be intended to frighten a reader into believing what is said is the absolute truth. The title of the column is “Letters to the Editor/Opinion.” The word “Opinion” sums it up. These articles are no more than an opinion. This letter is my opinion.

This issue of inoculations before entering school is truly a serious dilemma. The unfortunate part is that the parents who have chosen to not vaccinate their children have created their own dilemma and must own it. Please don’t ask me or anyone else to take responsibility for choices you make. We don’t live in a vacuum, and our choices, like it or not, can and do affect those around us. After all, many of us choose to inoculate our children against a host of other illnesses besides D.P.T.

The fact is that no family will be forced to home-school or to leave California; that choice is left up to every family. It’s a choice, and it’s also the law. We can want what we want, hire attorneys, file lawsuits, but that doesn’t mean we’ll get what we want. That’s real life.

I respect everyone’s right to choice. Please respect my right to choice.

Respectfully submitted,

Gerry McMillan, Encinitas