Letter to the editor: Neighbors should be more important than views


In response to “we need Encinitas City Council…” I sincerely hope no one takes Paul Shragg seriously, for Encinitas’s sake.

Like Paul, my husband and I have been living here more than 25 years. How does that have any bearing on anything, other than we have been here a long time? We have always believed that if you want a view, move to the bluffs. We have properties in front of us. We have never objected to those neighbors blocking our ocean view in any way.

Just take a look at Del Mar, which has a view ordinance. Almost every tree is topped off — in fact, trees practically do not exist. Building a home there is a nightmare. Views are more important than getting along with your neighbor.

We cannot let this happen to Encinitas. As far as privacy goes, we live in the city. You can’t stop someone from building a home because of it. Neighbors getting along is what makes Encinitas such a great place to live.

Cathy Staver