Encinitas surfer Levi Slawson makes Barbados debut on WSL tour

Encinitas' Levi Slawson at the Barbados Surf Pro in Bathsheba, Barbados.
(Photo by Andrew Nichols/ World Surf League)

Encinitas surfer Levi Slawson is enjoying continued success on the World Surf League’s Qualifying Series tour, turning in a great showing in his debut at the Barbados Surf Pro on March 29- April 3.

Starting with a strong performance in the Round of 64, the 18-year-old surged his way into the quarterfinals with plenty of momentum. He was eliminated in the quarterfinals by the eventual event winner Michael Dunphy, finishing fifth.

Levi Slawson surfs Soup Bowl, Barbados' most iconic wave.
(Courtesy World Surf League)

The event marked his first time surfing at Soup Bowl, Barbados’ most iconic wave, and he delivered a brilliant performance along with showing love to the local community.

“It’s just a hidden paradise to me and I’m so stoked to be here for the first time,” said Slawson in a news release. “All the people are so welcoming and I haven’t really been to a place like this where all the locals just embrace you like they do. And it’s a big event for me, I’ve tried to relieve any pressure off myself I can heading in here and the wave speaks for itself.”

Slawson finished number six in North America and qualified for the Challenger Series. Each region takes the top nine men to the Challenger Series where an international field competes for a spot on the Championship Tour, surfing’s highest level of competition.

The Barbados Surf Pro was the last event of the 2021-22 season. The next season starts April 28 at the Jack’s Surfboards Pro in Huntington Beach.